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A Leader in Executive Search & Professional Recruiting!

Let us help your business thrive!
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Whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

Organizations seek our support in providing highly vetted and top-performing professional talent.

How? By designing a proprietary business platform of tools that yield proven results.

Our work is guaranteed.​


Whether you're looking for work or looking to hire, we've got you covered. Our Account Managers and Recruiters are continually scouring the industries for two things:

  1. Suitable candidates to fill your roles and satisfy your HR and hiring needs

  2. Finding the right job for you quickly if you're looking for work. 

Our extensive network of Representatives span the industries and are able to satisfy your needs whatever they are.

In this day and age and the current environment in which we find ourselves, we all know that finding and getting work can be a challenge; in many ways unique compared to what many of us have faced in the past.

On the other side of the tracks, companies are also faced with a new set of challenges in trying to figure out and solve new issues facing them in filling their roles and requirements when it comes to staffing and HR.

We at ClickJobz have had to do our own "pivot" because of changes in our industry and we have embraced this new environment and confronted these new paradigms "head on" in two ways:

  1. Many of our internal staff, from Recruiters to Account Managers, to Admin and Support Staff are working remotely to help out and no longer are required to "come to work" and be "in the office".

  2. As we realize these situations may continue for some time, we continue to bolster our efforts to not only satisfy the needs of Companies in need of Staffing Solutions and find the best fit possible, but also assist Job Seekers in finding exactly what they need, whether it be in Remote Working situations to support family, or specialized workers who are available to work "on site" as employers require.

If you have any questions or would like more information, get in touch with us Here.

Industries We Serve
  • Healthcare / RN / RNA

  • Logistics

  • Transportation

  • Warehousing

  • Warehouse & Distribution

  • Customer Service

  • Sales

  • Help Desk

  • Office Support

  • Clerical & Administrative

  • IT Staffing & Consulting

  • IT Security

  • Information Security

  • Cybersecurity

  • Software Development

  • Administrative

  • Manufacturing

  • Call Center

  • Accounting

  • Management and Executive Placement

Recent Placements
  • Administrative Assistant

  • Executive Assistant

  • Office Manager

  • Sales Office Coordinator

  • Projects Coordinator

  • Warehouse and Logistics Staff

  • Driver/Customer Service Representative

  • Software Developer

  • Data Analyst

  • Human Resources Officer

  • VP Finance & Accounting

  • VP Sales & Marketing

  • Senior VP Human Resources

  • Vice President of Operations

  • Director of Sales & Marketing

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